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Due to the new rules associated with COVID19, we are tracking pool fob use and recorded video surveillance of the pool deck and grounds. There have been several times where we were at or over our capacity limits. These limits are set in place by the State of North Carolina due to COVID-19 and are not a suggestion. These MUST be followed or we will be forced to shut down pool access. Please remember that the pool is a shared amenity. Be courteous to your fellow neighbors and limit your time at the pool so all can have a chance to enjoy it.  

There have been several reports concerning behavior at the pool. We all need to observe the rules in order to maintain a safe and fun environment. If issues continue to occur, pool use, pool hours and/ or rules will need to be adjusted. Specifically, please be reminded: 

  1. We have a pool capacity limit within the gates of 55 people.
  2. We have a limit of 20 people in the water at one time.
  3. Sanitize the furniture and areas that you have used before departing the pool.
  4. No pool toys are allowed in the pool This includes, water guns, inflatables, and noodles
  5. Limit the number of guests you host.
  6. DO NOT open the gate for those without a fob. This is a liability issue!
  7. Children must be at least 15 years old to go to the pool unaccompanied. You are responsible for your children's behavior, please remind them that not following the rules will result in loss of pool access.

If you observe any conditions or behaviors which need to be addressed, contact the office at:

Phone: 919-847-3131

Email: bhrpoa@bellsouth.net

If you observe any illegal activities, please call the Wake County Sheriff at 911 for emergencies or Phone: 919-856-6900 / (http://services.wakegoood.  v.com/SheriffMainContactForm/index.html ) for less immediate concerns.

2020 has brought a lot of changes, but BHR remains North Raleigh's most equestrian-friendly, socially active, family focused neighborhood

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