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Covenant Violation Process

 The Black Horse Run (BHR) Architectural Control Committee (ACC) performs annual inspections of our Community to determine the current state of homeowners’ compliance with the sections of the Covenants listed in Book 2197, pages 551 – 555, as filed with the State of North Carolina, County of Wake, in October 1973.  The covenants are posted on the BHR website in the ACC section.

Unfortunately, there is a need to provide for more affirmative action on covenant violations when homeowner's ignore the Covenants or disregard our request to remedy an unacceptable situation with their property.  That detailed policy, procedure, and sample letters can be found at the link below.  The process, in accordance with North Carolina State Statute 47F-3-116, can result in a daily fine, per violation, being accessed until the problem is resolved.

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