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Community Drive Thru Inspections

The ACC will conduct a complete inspection of BHR properties at least one time per year, typically in the Spring, to determine homeowner's compliance with our Covenants.  The items specifically listed are contained in our Inspection Checklist  and are consistent with our Covenants.  Violations will be addressed individually in hope that homeowners will bring their properties into compliance.  We will notify each homeowner in violation of our Covenants by way of the contact information you have provided to our business office.  That initial contact will typically be done by our Office Manager, Ann Harper, via phone or email or by our ACC chairperson via postcard.   This is the opportunity for you to address the violation(s) and discuss a plan to remedy the situation.   If a satisfactory solution is not agreed to you will receive a 60-day notification letter from the ACC Chairperson.  After follow-up without resolution a 30-day notice will be provided advising the potential for a monetary daily fine for failure to comply with our Covenants.  A detailed Covenant Violation Process can be found at this link.  Our goal is to never have to impose a fine and want to work with every homeowner to resolve issues that effect the appearance of our community.

As a matter of protocol we will not trespass on your property without contacting you first.  Our inspections are done from the front of your home on the street.

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