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Equestrian amenities help make Black Horse Run a truly remarkable place to live. Our horses add a unique element of activity that is uncommon among planned communities anywhere, especially one so conveniently located in North Raleigh.

Neighbors frequently see horses and riders making use of the 11+ miles of trail throughout the neighborhood and acres of pastures surrounding the common areas. Black Horse Run has hosted horse shows and educational equestrian events, giving BHR members and their guests additional opportunities to enjoy the experience of living in an equestrian neighborhood.

BHR Community Barn

If you are new to the neighborhood or have never visited the community barn before, here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the barn, either at an event or just in passing.

  • For liability reasons, a horse owner must be present at all times you visit the barn. Horses can kick or bite and it is very important that this rule be followed. Please read the signs at the barn entrance.
  • ALWAYS wear closed-toe shoes! A horse’s hoof can easily crush the human bones in the foot, so better safe than sorry.
  • NEVER feed horses unless the owner is present and gives permission. Many horses have special diets and can get sick if given the wrong food.
  • Keep your voices and demeanor calm. Just like any other creature, horses want to know that you’re safe and approachable – the way to show that is to be calm, quiet, and friendly.
  • Feel free to ask questions! The horse owners at the community barn are always open to answering questions, whether about the horses down at the barn or horses in general.

Residents have the opportunity to board horses in BHR’s community barn – stall rentals are offered as spaces are available. When stalls are full, a waiting list is started on a first-come, first-served basis. Community barn rules are posted below. Those who want to find out more about the process for boarding horses in the community barn can contact the BHR office at 919-847-3131 or

Click here to see our policies, barn rules, and stall rental agreement!   

(The BHR Board has updated these documents for 2022 so be sure to follow up with our Office Manager when signing.)

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